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Dymatize Glutamine Unflavoured 300gr


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  • Χωρίς απαγορευμένες ουσίες.
  • Χωρίς γλουτένη – χωρίς χρωστικές.

    Dymatize l-glutamine
    Dymatize l-glutamine

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Out of stock

Dymatize L-Glutamine is the only amino acid in such a high content in skeletal muscle.

L-Glutamine supports the synthesis of muscle protein after intense training as it speeds up the recovery process.

Known for its quality and proven performance, Dymatize glutamine is the first choice of serious athletes and coaches worldwide who demand the most from their workouts.

Dymatize glutamine is tasteless and easily mixed so that it can be added to other amino acid drinks and protein milkshakes.

Dymatize l-glutamine
Dymatize l-glutamine
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