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ISO MAX 800gr Orange

Pure Nutrition

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Out of stock

ISO MAX from Pure Nutrition will significantly improve performance and endurance during sports.

During exercise, much of the body water is lost through sweat. This causes dehydration. Our body needs to sweat to maintain a normal body temperature. But in the process, many electrolytes are also lost from our sweat. ISO MAX by Pure Nutrition is an isotonic drink that hydrates and provides energy and nutrients to athletes.

The special composition of complex and simple carbohydrates provides the human body with both a fast and a prolonged source of energy.

ISO MAX will also replenish the minerals your body loses during sweating and maintain fluid balance. Scientific studies show that isotonic drinks improve their physical performance by more than 20% compared to a group of placebo athletes. ISO MAX is also great when doing sports in a hot climate.

This product is manufactured in a Certified Facility cGMP

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