Muscle Bomb With Caffeine 600gr

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Βασικά Συστατικά

  • BCAA 7,000mg
  • κιτρουλίνη malate 8,000mg
  • βήτααλανίνη 3,200mg
  • Lκαρνιτίνη Tartrate 2.000 mg
  • Betaine 2,500mg
  • Χωρίς πρόσθετα σάκχαρα



Muscle Bomb®, is a formula supported by science
Contains a really HUGE amount of 25,400mg of active ingredients (per 30gr)


Key Ingredients:
1) BCAA 7,000mg
2) citrulline malate 8,000mg
3) beta-alanine 3,200mg
4) L-carnitine Tartrate 2,000 mg
5) Betaine 2,500mg
6) There are no added sugars

Muscle Bomb® is the best Pre-Work and constantly sets new standards in the supplement industry.
It provides large doses, according to duplicate scientific studies. We recommend that you start with a measuring tape until you get used to it.


Muscle Bomb® does not contain artificial colors or sweeteners.

It is high in caffeine. Not recommended for children or pregnant or breastfeeding women (50-100 mg per 100 ml). It is a dietary supplement, with natural sweeteners.
The problem with most pre-workout products

Muscle Bomb® contains fifteen ingredients, seven of which have been selected for best pre-workout performance. All doses used are at a minimum level based on scientific studies.


CAUTION: Due to the extremely strong ingredients and stimulant effects, we recommend the MUSCLE BOMB® to test your tolerance before using it as part of your workout.
To assess tolerance: Mix 15 g with 300 ml of water in a shaker or blender and consume it on an empty stomach. Wait 30 minutes to evaluate your tolerance. If it is good, consume another portion and re-evaluate your tolerance. Do not take a third portion.
On training days: Mix 15-30 grams with 300-400 ml of water in a shaker or blender and consume it on an empty stomach 30-40 minutes before your workout.
On the days of abstinence from training: Mix 15 gr with 300 ml of water in a shaker or blender. Consume it on an empty stomach. Discontinue use of this product after 12 weeks of use and take a break of four weeks before resuming use.

This product is formulated with ingredients that absorb moisture and can lead to dust accumulation. This is normal and the product is ok for consumption. Some people notice a tingling sensation that is harmless and is attributed to beta-alanine.


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