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Creamy Whey 700g


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  • 70% πρωτεΐνη ορού γάλακτος
  • Εξαιρετική γεύση και διαλυτότητα
  • Χωρίς φυτικές πηγές πρωτεϊνών
  • Χαμηλή σε λιπαρά

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Creamy Whey from Evolite Nutrition is a high quality protein supplement based on WPC concentrate with the addition of buttermilk. You can count on its perfect taste and texture after cooking. In the end, quality can go hand in hand with great taste. All you need to do is add water or milk to get a thick and delicious, protein-free drink.

Evolite Creamy Whey is a high-protein nutrient created to provide all athletes with not only healthy protein, but also an unforgettable taste and increased recovery. By choosing this Evolite product you focus on the highest quality and the best taste.

Creamy Whey
This nutrient is characterized by a very good amino acid profile (very similar to the standard aminogram of human protein). The need for nutrients increases with physical activity.

Sometimes it is difficult to provide the right amount of complete value protein, which makes athletes approach nutrients with a high protein content. Choosing the right one for yourself is guided not only by price, but by quality and composition. A serving of Evolite Creamy Whey provides approximately 21g of high quality protein that helps build muscle.



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