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  • 6 γραμμάρια γλουταμίνης ανά δόση.
  • Άγευστο.
  • Υψηλής ποιότητας γλουταμίνη.



The L-glutamine dietary supplement is a formula consisting of 100% pure L-glutamine. This is the most abundant amino acid in the human body and has recently been recognized for its importance to athletes who aim to maintain lean muscle mass and regenerate damaged cells after strenuous training.

About 60% of the free amino acid reserves in our muscles are glutamine, however, the body is not able to synthesize this itself. Instead, the essential amino acid glutamine is present in protein-rich foods and as such can be provided in your diet. However, when taken as a supplement before, during or after a high-intensity workout, L-Glutamine can help replenish amino acid stores in the bloodstream much faster, resulting in a better effect on muscle growth and Accelerate recovery for tired muscles.

L-Glutamine can be taken by anyone, from daily gyms to more ambitious athletes and even those on a controlled or calorie-restricted diet, as it is sugar-free but still helps maintain this important muscle mass.

For those who have taken their body condition seriously, our 100% L-Glutamine will offer increased muscle strength, fixation and recovery after training.


Mix 1 serving (6 g) in 250 ml of water or any other favorite amino acid or protein drink. Use before, during or after training, or at any other time, as well as before bedtime.

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