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Black Fire

Pure Nutrition

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Black Fire is an advanced thermogenetic formula for increasing fat loss that contains a collaborative blend of nine ingredients to support multiple fat loss pathways.
Taken twice a day, these ingredients can increase metabolism and fat burning for up to 8 hours. When combined with exercise and a low-calorie diet, Black Fire can help you reach your weight loss goals.

What does Black Fire contain?

  • Yohimbe supports vasodilation in the body, allowing blood and oxygen to pass through all tissues. Yohimbe is designed to support your body’s metabolism and fight unwanted fat storage.
  • Caffeine is a powerful stimulant for the central nervous system, it can help you lose fat while increasing energy levels.
  • Raspberry ketones work well for weight loss, but also promote energy and metabolism during exercise.
  • Synephrine is a stimulant, similar to caffeine. It is thought to have similar effects on energy supply, appetite suppression and increased metabolic rate leading to the burning of more calories.
  • Phenylethylamine (PEA) is a compound of alkaloids and monoamines found in the brain and it has been suggested that mood, mental acidity, energy and focus are strongly associated with PEA.
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