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Beef Protein

Pure Nutrition

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What is Pure Nutrition Beef Protein?

Pure Nutrition Beef Protein is a pure hydrolyzed bovine protein powder produced by a proprietary hydrolysis process that naturally produces bovine amino acid proteins that are quickly and easily digested. This product also has a very low amount of lactose, fat and cholesterol, presenting all the benefits of red / beef without risk to your health.

Pure Nutrition Beef Protein also has

More than 2 grams of creatine per dose
More than 83% protein content
Very low fat content
Very low carbohydrate content
Rich in calcium
Without aspartame
Suitable for paleo and keto diet

If you are a vegetarian or do not consume protein with a source of red meat, we recommend Pure Nutrition Whey products or Pure Casein.

Why Is Beef Protein Ideal For The Old Diet?
The Paleo Diet is a diet based on what prehistoric (Paleolithic) people ate, ie 60-70% of the energy comes from animal feed, especially red meat.3 Also prehistoric people consumed minimal cereals and processed sugar, as well as little Dairy Products. This fact makes Beef Protein especially suitable for those on the Paleo diet.

Advantages of Pure Nutrition Beef Protein
Beef protein is a complete protein that contains all nine of the essential amino acids that help synthesize muscle protein and inhibit the breakdown of muscle protein. They improve their results in fitness and strengthen the overall composition of the body. *

Beef protein also contains the highest amount of L-glycine and L-hydroxyproline of the other animal proteins, which makes it ideal for supporting collagen levels. Collagen is a branch of peptides that builds connective tissue throughout the body. Studies show that collagen levels decrease with age (starting around the age of 20).

Studies show that there are many other benefits of beef protein because it is very easy to digest (because it is very low in lactose and cholesterol), high in creatine and rich in essential amino acids. These advantages include;

Complete source of protein that contains all the essential amino acids
Easy to digest and low in fat, lactose and cholesterol
Helps the anabolic response that leads to muscle growth5
Helps healthy body composition2
May reduce muscle protein breakdown during strenuous aerobic exercise6
Increases athletic performance due to the high amount of creatine

Why Is Pure Nutrition Beef Protein The Best Protein Powder?
Pure Nutrition Beef Protein is a wonderful tasty protein powder that makes it easier to see the benefits of red meat, such as steak without the negative branches (such as cholesterol and nitrate consumption). Pure Nutrition Beef Protein contains pure hydrolyzed beef protein has very little fat, cholesterol and carbohydrates, but excellent digestion.

This product also contains more creatine per gram than steak and does not contain aspartame. This protein is hydrolyzed and contains amino acids and creatine that help muscle growth and repair.

Who Can Use Beef Protein?

People who do not eat red meat but want the benefits of beef protein
People who are on a paleo or keto diet
Athletes and gym-goers who want a source of protein and creatine with easy digestion
People who want to support collagen levels
Those who want a source of protein with low amounts of lactose and cholesterol


Take 1-3 doses daily in 300ml water. One dose immediately after training.


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