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Pure Casein

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Pure Nutrition Pure Casein

What is Pure Casein?
Pure Casein is an additive for sustained release protein that contains the best form of casein protein to help energetic individuals meet their protein requirements. Mycelial casein is a complete protein that contains very little fat and sugar. It is ideal to take casein before bed or throughout the day to have an eight hour supply of amino acids in the bloodstream, supporting the growth of muscle tissue and rapid recovery of the body.

If you are looking for a fast-acting protein to get after a workout, check out our following products – Pure Nutrition Whey Isolate and Pure Whey.
What is Casein Protein?
Casein is the major type of protein in cow’s milk, comprising about 80% of all proteins.1 Casein is a complete protein and comes in many forms, including calcium caseinate and mycelial casein. This protein is unique in that it is absorbed more slowly than whey protein by supplying amino acids to the body for the next eight hours. You need to get the essential amino acids through diet because the body does not produce them.
Mycelial casein is easily absorbed, it is a high quality protein in powder form with a pure taste and rich creamy texture. In the environment, most casein proteins are in the form of micelle casein. Micellar casein is used biologically to transport insoluble calcium-phosphate complexes in liquid form to the stomach for coagulation and subsequent digestion. In fact, over 90% of the calcium in skimmed milk is associated with micelle casein.
Advantages of Pure Casein
Clinical studies show that protein is the most important macronutrient for muscle rebuilding and rebuilding (especially for people who do strenuous exercise) .1 After training, the best choice is fast-acting whey protein (such as Pure Whey or Whey Isolate).
But we created Pure Casein as a protein with a long action and a large supply of amino acids.
Protein is also important for many other biological functions, such as neurotransmission, energy production, cardiovascular function, and immune system regulation.2
Studies show that protein with a higher amount of L-leucine is ideal for improving muscle protein synthesis.3 For example, Pure Casein contains a large amount of L-leucine compared to other protein sources (such as soy, chicken, beef protein) , etc.). Of course, the best muscle protein synthesis helps for better growth and rebuilding of muscle tissue.
Also the high quality casein protein in Pure Casein has many other benefits, not just muscle rebuilding and recovery. See below the other benefits of Pure Casein;

  • Pure micellar casein protein with more than 5 grams of slow-acting BCAAs per dose for better muscle recovery and growth4
  • Long-acting amino acids
  • Ideal at bedtime to improve anabolism and recovery during sleep
  • Easy & practical to put it in any diet
  • Great anabolic response after strenuous training5
  • Reduces muscle protein breakdown for the next eight hours6

What Makes Pure Nutrition Pure Casein the Best Whey Protein Supplement on the Market?
Pure Nutrition Pure Casein is a delicious micellar casein supplement that contains the best casein protein only high quality. There are many “pure casein” supplements that contain only calcium caseinate, which is not as effective as pure mycelial casein.
Pure Nutrition Pure Casein compared to other low quality caseins is made in Germany in a cGMP facility using proprietary infrared and micro-filtration processes, yielding a protein powder containing very little lactose and fat.
One scoop of Pure Casein contains;

  • 23 grams of Pure Casein protein
  • More than 4.5 grams of BCAAs
  • More than 4.5 grams of glutamine
  • Only 2 grams of carbohydrates
  • Minimal lactose
  • Sugarless

Pure Nutrition Pure Casein is ideal for people who do serious training and want a supplement with very little lactose! Pure Casein is ideal for use before bedtime and throughout the day when you want very high quality protein.
Who Is Pure Casein Suitable For?
Pure Casein is the best source of sustained-release protein and is suitable for many people, including;

  • Gym-goers who often do weight training
  • Every person looking for a high quality protein diet supplement at bedtime
  • Competitive athletes
  • Bodybuilders
  • Endurance athletes and long distance runners (especially before long-distance races)
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