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Myomax Hardcore

Scitec Nutrition

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MyoMax Hardcore, the innovative, supreme all-in-one formula we have, is designed to provide you with all the scientifically proven and additionally tested and fitness ingredients in effective quantities! First of all, proteins and their components amino acids are the most essential nutrients. MyoMax Hardcore contains a total of 52 whole grams of them! More and more scientific studies are proving that not individual proteins, but mixtures of protein sources are more useful, due to the completion of the amino acid profile and the different absorption rates that result in a rapid but also prolonged influx of amino acids. MyoMax Hardcore uses a blend that has the fastest absorbing, fast absorbing and slowest absorbing protein of animal origin (which are the best)!

MyoMax Hardcore has a very low sugar content and does not contain unnecessary carbohydrates! For gaining lean muscle mass, not fat, optimal protein intake is the most important, and the level of intake of normally non-essential carbohydrates is the most complex, because they are the most fattening due to their huge effect on the hormone insulin (except providing extra calories). Based on this, MyoMax Hardcore will not burden you with carbohydrates and the ratio of carbohydrates to proteins and other non-caloric anti-catabolic agents and anabolic agents is excellent! We also created the formula with an excellent carbohydrate blend that – like our protein blend – provides fast and slow release carbohydrate sources, including the branded high-tech carbohydrate sources Vitargo® and Palatinose ™.

MyoMax Hardcore also provides 2 types of essential fats, which have beneficial effects on health and body composition. To complete the necessary content of nutrients, 20 vitamins and minerals are contained in our product!

It’s not just that! MyoMax Hardcore will maximize your progress with a large number of additional scientifically proven active ingredients! Our anti-catabolic and ergogenic ingredients and anabolic ingredients include 5 advanced forms of creatine plus a creatine analogue component. In addition, BCAAs in the modern ratio of 8:01:01 Leucine: isoleucine: valine. Advanced glutamines, including 2 with peptide bonds. beta-alanine, an ingredient that has been proven to enhance performance and increase lean muscle mass! taurine, glycine, EMB, GPLC (Propionyl-L-carnitine glycine), citrulline malic and avena sativa (oats) with D-aspartic acid (DAA) and zinc to maximize your natural testosterone levels!

MyoMax Hardcore features an extra “Ultimatrix” blend of high-performance ingredients for cell energy, neurotransmitter production and insulin sensitivity – as well as digestive enzymes and the Bioperine® absorption enhancer!

Now you can understand why you will gain lean muscle mass, or lose fat, while maintaining the volume you gained with the use of MyoMax Hardcore!

Per serving 140 g: Optimized Protein / Carbohydrate ratio! A total of 52 gr. in proteins and amino acids. A total of 22,000 mg of additional ingredients. 10,100 mg glutamine & two glutamine peptides. 11,640 mg BCAA. 5,500 mg of advanced creatine formula. 2000 mg beta-alanine. 1,500 mg HMB. 4000 mg glycine. 1,500 mg taurine. 1500 mg citrulline malic. 500 mg avena sativa. 500 mg GPLC. 525 mg tyrosine.
Formula without aspartame!


Mix 140 grams with 500 ml of water. For maximum results drink 2 servings a day, one preferably immediately after training (or half before, half after), the other, at least a few hours different from the previous one (in the morning for example or after noon).

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